September work party and another extra one

Our September monthly work party will take place this coming Tuesday (3rd) and we’ll be working at the Community Orchard in Glebelands Recreation Ground, situated off Rife Way. We’ll meet at the orchard at the west end of the park at 10am, and we’ll be carrying out the annual rake up of grass and other vegetation, which has been cut this week by Arun DC. This will last no more than an hour, and if you have them, please bring either a grass or garden rake to use.

This task is to help the wild flowers set seed properly and hopefully germinate next year for an improved wild flower display amongst the fruit trees. We may even be able to pick a few apples or pears, although a combination of dry weather, recent gales and some people helping themselves prematurely has unfortunately reduced the yield.

In addition, we have arranged for a local voluntary group called The Good Gym to assist us in doing a similar annual task on the grass verge in Sea Lane, where we hope to improve the wild flower situation where we worked last year. This excellent group of about 15 volunteers will be visiting us on the evening of Monday 16th September from 6.30pm for a maximum of 30-40 minutes to rake up the cuttings on a stretch of verge from the seafront northwards. It would be good to see a turnout of our members to help them as they visit us. Again please bring a rake with you if you can make it, and work off your dinner at the same time (or give yourselves an appetite). Please meet at the bottom of Sea Lane, Ferring.