The Vultures are Circling

Much as we expected, the decision on the Chatsmore Farm appeal has encouraged the developers to bring out plans for more, many more, houses on the green fields around Ferring.

Redrow Homes have put in their plans for a 76-house estate at Roundstone Farm, just west of ASDA, another developer has revived their plans for a 167-house estate on Rustington Golf Centre. Rego properties are about to ‘consult us’ on their 120-house estate for Highdown Vineyard. The Landsdowne Nursery’s landowner has told us of his plans for a 120-house estate there. All these applicants will quote the Inspector’s decision on the Chatsmore Farm case and insist that Arun DC has no alternative but to give them planning permission.

We must do all we can to support Arun’s Local Plan, which rules out houses on all these sites. If they refuse the applications each of the applicants are likely to appeal, and as matters stand they could win. If so, it’s goodbye to the Gaps and hello to the Worthing-Littlehampton conurbation.

We can fight back and we will. More demonstrations and more petitions. More letters to the local papers and above all more and more objection letters and emails to Arun DC. All this helps to brace Arun DC against the pressure of Government policy – which is to set Councils impossible housing-site targets and then apply the ’tilted balance’ as they shamelessly call it, setting housing site delivery above all other considerations of environment and infrastructure.

On-line petition:

There will be a number of petitions we can sign. Here is the one against building on green fields anywhere in Sussex. Please find the link to follow and highlight then righthand click ‘Go to link’

This is an all-party movement to resist impossible demands for development. It has been good to see our Member of Parliament, Beccy Cooper, Labour’s leader on Worthing Council, Worthing’s deputy mayor and people from other political groups at our demonstrations. We are all united in this stand against Government policy that favours developers over local democracy and the people they represent.

We managed to get some coverage on BBC TV South Today on Sunday.

Whether Worthing wins its case in the High Court or not, there is still a great deal to fight for. Our Group is working closely with all the other amenity and residents groups, and with various Parish Councils – and Sir Peter Bottomley – to plan and coordinate our response. Please look out for further bulletins.

Ed Miller