Houses in Gardens                                                                                                      We have a long-running campaign against houses being built in residents’ gardens. In mid-April this year there were four applications awaiting decision by Arun District Council and two appeals being considered against Arun’s refusal of planning permission. In-filling along the building line, (building alongside the existing house) is bad enough but building in back gardens, to be reached by long narrow driveways is even worse. Both are threatening to destroy the open character of Ferring, they both reduce wildlife habitat and natural drainage, and both add to the number of cars in the village when congestion and parking problems have already reached record levels. ‘Backland’ development is even worse because the long narrow  driveways create additional road safety hazards – for pedestrians and other vehicles.

Three out of the four were refused following our objections. The current one, in early October, is for a house in the garden of the centuries-old ‘The Old Flint House’, within the Ferring Conservation Area. Please join us in objecting to applications like these.

Persimmon and the Gaps

Our campaign against overdevelopment generally, and against any development in our Strategic Gaps, continues. We have seen the proposal by Persimmon Homes Ltd to build a 465-house estate in the northern gap – from the Ferring-Goring boundary right up to Goring station, and northwards up to the Rife. It is not yet a planning application but we are already objecting strongly to it.  You can see the proposals, and how to object to them, on