Butterfly Observations – 7th April

The warm weather is beginning to bring out the butterflies. Look out for the following in your garden or on your daily walk. These are common April butterflies:

Peacock, often a pair doing a dance, spiralling into the air.

Small Tortoiseshell, often sunning itself on the ground.

Orange Tip, small, the female has grey rather than orange tips.

Small White, the first of the ‘cabbage whites’ to emerge.

Green-veined White, like Small White but underside has grey/green veins.

Brimstone, yellow, distinctive shape, female very pale yellow.

These 6 butterflies are shown on the collage to help you. See if you can tick off all 6 by the end of the month. Have you started your plant list yet? Now you can make a list of butterflies as well! Let me know if you record all six. There are other species as well which you may see. You could try and photograph them if they settle.

Look out for other insects in your garden. Have you seen a Bee Fly? They are very common this year.