Great Result for Ferring in Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

The Ferring Neighbourhood Plan Referendum which took place on 10 December returned an overwhelming 82.66% YES vote in favour of the plan, and the 3 Community Right to Build Orders (CRTBOs) were also passed with well over 70% in favour of these. We understand that the CRTBOs were the first in the country to be approved. There was a strong turn out by residents of Ferring.

The YES vote for the 3 CRTBOs was as follows:

new Community Centre/ Village Hall site – 78.8%

allotment site behind Henty Arms – 75.8%

Village Hall site – 71.1%

This was an excellent result for the village of Ferring and its residents, and we should all be very grateful to Ferring Parish Council for all their hard work, ably led by Chairman Carole Robertson, as well as others who have worked on the plan. We should also thank all those Ferring people who voted for it.