The 10 Wild Flower Challenge – 3rd April

Being confined to Ferring, this is the perfect opportunity to get to know your local wild flowers. Your challenge is to go and identify the 10 flowers I have listed below. Many are what you may call weeds but some can look lovely in a wild place in your garden. I have suggested where you may find them:

Little Paddocks Ground Ivy, blue flowers, Lungwort, pink/purple flowers, Borage, blue flowers, lots on wild flower bed, Little Twitten White Dead-nettle, white flowers, everywhere

Red Dead-nettle, in your garden?

Violets, blue, Highdown in chalk pit, Little Paddocks

Cowslips, yellow, in meadow below Highdown Gardens

Ivy-leaved Toadflax, purple, on walls

Shepherd’s Purse, tiny white flowers, in your garden?

Groundsel, tiny yellow flowers, in your garden?

My suggestion is that you make a list of these plants in a note book. See if you can find each one, then make columns for the date, where found and notes on identity. You can then build up your own plant list. Let me know if you do this!

The pictures are to help you but I have not named them!

This weekend it will get warmer and the winds are coming round to the south so look out for migrant birds arriving. There may be more butterflies too. Another list?