Group Meeting – 29th April 2016

To an audience of over 90 members David Plummer, a professional wildlife photographer, gave us an insight into his work during 2015. David’s extensive knowledge of animals and birds and their environment give him the essential ingredients for his breath-taking images, many of which feature in leading wildlife publications. David only photographs wildlife in the wild and studies the behaviour of a subject before heading off into the field. He has endless patience as he often waits for many hours in various hides or disguises awaiting the perfect shot. David showed us some beautiful images of kingfishers, small birds, foxes, badgers and waterfowl all taken from hides sited on land or in the water, and he is also passionate about a new local venture in owl conservation and protection.

Technology assists David’s job tremendously, as wherever he is in the world he can have instant communication and access to people and information. This is particularly useful as 4 to 6 months of the year David works overseas particularly in Brazil and Hungary and he also runs photographic trips to places such as Rwanda, Kenya and India to photograph the big cats such as cheetahs and leopards.

After a break for tea, a short AGM took place where the existing committee members were re-elected unopposed. The ever popular Nature Notes followed and Tricia Hall commented that the willow and blackthorn trees along the River Rife were growing well and also the willow stakes planted on the boundary of Ferring Country Centre were thriving. Tricia said the information board sited along Patterson’s Walk had been revamped and work on the board along the Rife will soon be complete. There have been sightings of stock doves, a green woodpecker, 2 great spotted woodpeckers and Tricia has enjoyed watching the antics of wood pigeons and fox cubs playing in her garden.

Ed Miller concluded the meeting with planning news and advised us that WSCC have requested a traffic study to be carried out in respect of the planning application submitted by the Kingsley Group earlier this year. The Andalucía Restaurant has submitted plans to extend its premises to accommodate an additional 30 covers. Ed was also pleased to announce that most of the motorhomes had moved from Marine Drive and the TRO was out for consultation to prevent motorhomes and towed caravans from parking between 10pm to 9am. The Bluebird café has been granted a new licence to allow the sale of alcohol unaccompanied by food (only beer and wine to be sold), although it will still remain a ‘food led’ business. The evenings will be reserved for pre-booked parties only.